It matters that two of the nation's most storied programs are heading West to play a game.
The Pacific Coast Shootout matters.

In less than four years, the Pacific Coast Shootout has become one of the most significant events in college lacrosse. Why should that matter to the Southern California lacrosse community?

We recently sat down with the event's Executive Director G.W. Mix to get the answer to that and a few other questions about California's premier lacrosse showcase.

PCS News: Tell us why the Pacific Coast Shootout matters.

GWM: First and foremost, for several of the top Division I college coaches to agree to play a regular season game in Southern California says an awful lot about the value they put in playing on the West Coast. We have had Denver, Maryland, North Carolina and Notre Dame come here, Maryland and Notre Dame twice. Those teams represent the past two national champions and all of them have been to at least two Final Fours since the Shootout began. Now we have two more marquee programs - Virginia and Cornell making the trip. I think all of these coaches realize that Southern California is a valuable market - for recruiting purposes and brand exposure for their universities.

It also matters because it is unique. Where else can top ten teams provide their student-athletes wit...

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2017 Pacific Coast Shootout
Cornell vs. Virginia

2016 Pacific Coast Shootout
Notre Dame 9 • Maryland 4

2015 Pacific Coast Shootout
Maryland 10 • North Carolina 8

Pacific Coast Shootout
Denver 10 • Notre Dame 7

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