Event Tickets

2020 Pacific Coast Shootout
Michigan vs. Yale
Saturday, March 7 • 7:00 PM PST

Blue Section Tickets $37.50 ea.
A limited number of reserved seats are located on both sides of the stadium.

Orange Section Tickets $27.50 ea.
Partial-Reserved Section seats are reserved by Section & Row only. They are located on both sides of the stadium.

About the Shootout Ticket Prices
The Pacific Coast Shootout covers ALL of the travel expenses for both team travel parties of 60 players, coaches and staff. These expenses include airfare, hotel accommodations for three nights, all team meals and ground transportation. The average travel expense per team is $65,000. In addition to the team travel expenses, the Shootout has facility rental, insurance, staffing and marketing expenses. Ticket sales, sponsorship and donations are the only sources of revenue to help off-set these expenses.

Discounted Team & Group General Admission Tickets
20% discount off the $37.50 Orange Section ticket price ($30.00) for groups and teams.
20% discount off the $27.50 Blue Section ticket price ($22.00) for groups and teams.

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ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. Limited ticket exchanges are possible.

As with any major sporting event, the Pacific Coast Shootout could be cancelled or postponed due to force majeure or safety concerns.

Force majeure is defined as an act of god or an act which is beyond the control of the event organizers. It often occurs due to adverse weather conditions or due to the occurrence of a natural disaster. In this case the event may be cancelled altogether, may be postponed and held in the same venue at a later date or postponed and moved to another venue. No refunds will be issued.

Pacific Coast Shootout

2020 Pacific Coast Shootout
Yale 17 •  Michigan 11

2019 Pacific Coast Shootout
Notre Dame 10 • Denver 7

2018 Pacific Coast Shootout
Maryland 11 • North Carolina 7

2017 Pacific Coast Shootout
Virginia 19 • Cornell 18 (OT)

2016 Pacific Coast Shootout
Notre Dame 9 • Maryland 4

2015 Pacific Coast Shootout
Maryland 10 • North Carolina 8

Pacific Coast Shootout
Denver 10 • Notre Dame 7