Irish face record temperatures at home

Notre Dame was closed for nearly two days this week as record lows rocked South Bend.
Notre Dame's March 8 match-up with Denver means warmer weather. Well, on second thought, maybe not warmer.

Record low temperatures have rocked South Bend and the mid-west, forcing the University to close down Monday morning and remain closed for most of the day Tuesday. Not bad if you are a student and would rather not go off to class in such terrible conditions. Not good if you are a member of the lacrosse team trying to prepare for the season opener against Jacksonville, a much warmer opponent, in a much warmer city.

"Certainly the weather here can be difficult throughout our pre-season," commented Notre Dame head coach Kevin Corrigan. "We are fortunate to have the best indoor field in the I frankly believe we have a better opportunity to prepare our team than anyone else. We have a full field for two hours every day in perfect conditions...70 and partly cloudy as we like to say. That makes the weather an inconvenience for getting around, but not an impediment to our preparations as a team."

Corrigan is refering to the Loftus Center, a state-of-the-art indoor facility right in the heart of Notre Dame's campus.

"Our kids know that when they come to practice they are going to be comfortable and they are going to get a practice that reflects only what our team needs that day. The weather won't dictate what we do."

"That said, I know all of us are excited to know that we'll be outside in the warm California sun in only a couple weeks. We're not dumb...our first two away games are in Florida and California...and we can't wait to play in the idyllic climate and conditions of southern California in the spring.

The temperature on campus in South Bend fell to -15º by late Monday night, breaking South Bend’s record-low temperature of -9º, which was set more than 50 years ago in 1963. On Tuesday, the temperature did not rise above zero - well below the previous coldest high temperature of 5º for January 28.

To date, the average temperature in South Bend for the month of January has been 14.8º degrees (9.6º below normal). The average temperature in the Loftus Center has been 70º. Meanwhile, the average temperature in Santa Ana, California, home of the Pacific Coast Shootout, for the same time period has been 62º. It's not quite 70º, but its a lot closer to the beach.

Notre Dame's Loftus Athletic Center

Pacific Coast Shootout

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2019 Pacific Coast Shootout
Notre Dame 10 • Denver 7

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